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  1. place
  2. noun

    • 1. a particular position or point in space:

      the monastery was a peaceful place that street was no place for a lady there were still some remote places in the world
    • 2. a particular point on a larger surface or in a larger object or area:

      he lashed out and cut the policeman's hand in three places
    • 3. a building or area used for a specified purpose or activity:

      the town has many excellent eating places
    • 4. a person's home:

      what about dinner at my place?
      Synonym : home, house, apartment, a roof over one's head, accommodation, establishment, property, rooms, quarters, lodgings, pied-à-terre, flat, pad, digs, gaff, residence, abode, dwelling, dwelling place, domicile, habitation
    • 5. a point in a book or other text reached by a reader at a particular time:

      I must have lost my place in the script
    • 6. a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone:

      they hurried to their places at the table he was watching from his place across the room
      Synonym : seat, chair, position, space
    • 7. a vacancy or available position:

      she won a place to study German at the university
    • 8. the regular or proper position of something:

      lay each slab in place
    • 9. a person's rank or status:

      occupation structures a person's place in society
    • 10. a right or privilege resulting from someone's role or position:

      I'm sure she has a story to tell, but it's not my place to ask
    • 11. the role played by or importance attached to someone or something in a particular context:

      the place of computers in improving office efficiency varies between companies
    • 12. a position in a sequence or series, typically one ordered on the basis of merit:

      his score left him in ninth place
    • 13. a position in a contest:

      his score was good enough to leave him in ninth place
    • 14. any of the first three or sometimes four positions in a race (used especially of the second, third, or fourth positions).

    • 15. the second position, especially in a horse race.

    • 16. the degree of priority given to something:

      accurate reportage takes second place to lurid detail
    • 17. the position of a figure in a series indicated in decimal or similar notation, especially one after the decimal point:

      calculate the ratios to one decimal place
    • 18. (in place names) a square or a short street:

      our new restaurant is in Hilliard Place
    • 19. a country house with its grounds.


    • 1. put in a particular position:

      a newspaper had been placed beside my plate
      Synonym : put down, put, set, set down, lay down, deposit, position, plant, rest, stand, sit, settle, station, situate, leave, stow, prop, lean, arrange, set out, array, stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop, plunk
    • 2. cause to be in a particular situation:

      enemy officers were placed under arrest you are not placing yourself under any obligation
    • 3. used to express the attitude someone has toward someone or something:

      I am not able to place any trust in you
      Synonym : put, lay, set, pin, invest
    • 4. used to indicate the degree of advantage or convenience enjoyed by someone or something as a result of their position or circumstances:

      the company is well placed to seize the opportunity
    • 5. find a home or employment for:

      the children were placed with foster parents the agency had placed 3,000 people in full-time jobs
      Synonym : find employment for, find a job for, find a home for, accommodate, find accommodation for, allocate, assign, appoint
    • 6. dispose of (something, especially shares) by selling to a customer:

      the shares were placed last November
    • 7. arrange for the recognition and implementation of (an order, bet, etc.):

      they placed a contract for three boats
    • 8. order or obtain a connection for (a telephone call) through an operator:

      she placed a call to her husband to break the news
    • 9. identify or classify as being of a specified type or as holding a specified position in a sequence or hierarchy:

      a survey placed the company 13th for achievement
      Synonym : rank, order, put in order, grade, group, arrange, sort, class, classify, categorize, put, set, assign
    • 10. remember where one has seen or how one comes to recognize (someone or something):

      she eventually said she couldn't place him
      Synonym : identify, recognize, remember, put one's finger on, put a name to, pin down, locate, pinpoint
    • 11. achieve a specified position in a race:

      he was placed eleventh in the long individual race
    • 12. be among the first three in a race (or the first three or four in the UK):

      he won three times and placed three times
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: place, plural noun: places

    • v.: verb: place, 3rd person present: places, gerund or present participle: placing, past tense: placed, past participle: placed

    • noun

      a particular position, point, or area in space; a location:

      a particular area on a larger surface:

    • verb

      put in a particular position:

      cause to be in a particular situation:

    • noun

      the action of putting something in position or the fact of being positioned:

      the action of making an order.

    • working or ready to work; established

      not traveling any distance

    • noun

      a place revered as holy, typically one to which religious pilgrimage is made:

      the outer chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

    • noun

      a watering hole.

      a spa or seaside resort:

    • nowhere
    • noun

      the position of a digit to the right of a decimal point:
    • noun

      a card bearing a person's name and used to mark their place at a dining or meeting table:
    • noun

      a complete set of dishes and cutlery provided for one person at a meal:
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