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  1. purpose
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (aim) 目的

      his purpose in life 他的生活目標a story with a purpose 有說教寓意的故事sb.'s purpose in doing sth. 某人做某事的目的with or for the purpose of doing sth. 為了做某事on purpose 特意地I came here on purpose to see you 我來這裡就是要見你
    • 2. (function, use) 用途

      the building is no longer used for its original purpose 這座建築物不再用於原來計劃的用途了to serve a/no (useful) purpose 有用/無用purpose unknown 用途不明the car is large enough for the purpose 這輛車派此用場夠大了to good/some/little/no purpose 作用很大/有點作用/作用不大/徒勞to be fit/unfit for purpose 能夠/無法起作用
    • 3. (determination) 決心

      to have a sense of purpose 果斷lack of purpose 優柔寡斷

    plural noun

    • 1. 情勢需要

      for the purposes of sth. 出於對某事的考慮for sb.'s (own) purposes 對某人(自己)而言to go to Shanghai for business purposes 去上海出差for all practical purposes 實際上earned income for tax purposes 應稅的勞動收入
  3. Variation

    • 名複: purposes

  4. Synonyms

    1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

    2. a person's sense of resolve or determination

    • 目的,意向,決心,效果,意義,論題意欲,企圖,計劃
    • adj 形容詞

    • 雙重目的的
    • adj 形容詞

    • 有意地,故意地
    • 多種用途的
    • 無目的的,無意義的
    • 既定目標,決意,決心
    • 雙重目的的
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