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  1. range
  2. noun

    • 1. the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale:

      the cost is thought to be in the range of $1-5 million a day it's outside my price range
      Synonym : span, scope, compass, radius, scale, gamut, reach, sweep, extent, area, field, orbit, ambit, province, realm, domain, horizon, latitude, limits, bounds, confines, parameters, vary, fluctuate, differ, extend, stretch, reach, cover, go, run, pass
    • 2. the scope of a person's knowledge or abilities:

      he gave some indication of his range
    • 3. the compass of a person's voice or a musical instrument:

      she was gifted with an incredible vocal range
    • 4. the extent of time covered by something such as a forecast.

    • 5. the area or extent covered by or included in something:

      an introductory guide to the range of debate this issue has generated
    • 6. the set of values that a given function can take as its argument varies.

    • 7. a set of different things of the same general type:

      the area offers a wide range of activities for the tourist
    • 8. the distance within which something can be reached or perceived:

      something lurked just beyond her range of vision
    • 9. the maximum distance to which a gun will shoot or over which a missile will travel:

      these rockets have a range of 30 to 40 miles a duck came within range
    • 10. the maximum distance at which a radio transmission can be effectively received:

      planets within radio range of Earth
    • 11. the distance that can be covered by a vehicle or aircraft without refueling:

      the vans have a range of 125 miles
    • 12. the distance between a camera and the subject to be photographed:

      handheld shots taken at extreme telephoto ranges can be pretty wobbly affairs
    • 13. the horizontal direction and length of a survey line determined by at least two fixed points.

    • 14. a line or series of mountains or hills:

      the coastal ranges of the northwest
    • 15. a series of townships extending north and south parallel to the principal meridian of a survey.

    • 16. a line defined by landmarks or beacons, used to locate something offshore, especially a navigable channel or a hazard.

    • 17. a large area of open land for grazing or hunting:

      on dude ranches, tourists put on crisp new western gear to ride the range
    • 18. an area of land or sea used as a testing ground for military equipment:

      the cost of dealing with unexploded shells and bombs on former military ranges
    • 19. an open or enclosed area with targets for shooting practice:

      he went down to the ranges to practice shooting
    • 20. the area over which a plant or animal is distributed:

      the chimpanzee extensively overlaps the gorilla in its forest range
    • 21. an electric or gas stove with several burners and one or more ovens:

      a wood-burning kitchen range
      Synonym : stove, cooking stove, kitchen stove, Aga
    • 22. a course of masonry extending from end to end at one height.

    • 23. a row of buildings.

    • 24. the direction or position in which something lies:

      the range of the hills and valleys is nearly from north to south


    • 1. vary or extend between specified limits:

      patients whose ages ranged from 13 to 25 years
    • 2. place or arrange in a row or rows or in a specified order or manner:

      a table with half a dozen chairs ranged around it
      Synonym : line up, align, draw up, put/set in order, order, place, position, arrange, dispose, set out, array, rank
    • 3. run or extend in a line in a particular direction:

      he regularly came to the benches that ranged along the path
    • 4. (of a person or animal) travel or wander over a wide area:

      patrols ranged thousands of miles deep into enemy territory nomadic tribesmen who ranged the windswept lands of the steppe
    • 5. (of a person's eyes) pass from one person or thing to another:

      his eyes ranged over them
    • 6. (of something written or spoken) cover or embrace a wide number of different topics:

      tutorials ranged over a variety of subjects
    • 7. obtain the range of a target by adjustment after firing past it or short of it, or by the use of radar or laser equipment:

      radar-type transmissions which appeared to be ranging on our convoys
    • 8. (of a projectile) cover a specified distance.

    • 9. (of a gun) send a projectile over a specified distance.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: range, plural noun: ranges

    • v.: verb: range, 3rd person present: ranges, gerund or present participle: ranging, past tense: ranged, past participle: ranged

    • noun

      the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale:

      the scope of a person's knowledge or abilities:

    • verb

      vary or extend between specified limits:

      place or arrange in a row or rows or in a specified manner:

    • adjective

      (of a person or their lifestyle) orderly; settled:
    • noun

      a place for practicing shooting with rifles.

      an attraction at a fairground in which people fire rifles at targets in order to win prizes.

    • adjective

      (of livestock, especially poultry) kept in natural conditions, with freedom of movement:

      (of eggs) produced by birds reared under natural conditions.

    • adjective

      (especially of a vehicle or missile) only able to be used or be effective over short distances:

      of or over a short period of future time:

    • adjective

      (especially of vehicles or missiles) able to be used or be effective over long distances:

      relating to a period of time that extends far into the future:

    • noun

      the range of acceptable or possible volumes of sound occurring in the course of a piece of music or a performance.

      the ratio of the largest to the smallest intensity of sound that can be reliably transmitted or reproduced by a particular sound system, measured in decibels.

    • noun

      a short distance between someone or something and a target:
    • noun

      an electric or gas stove with several burners and one or more ovens:
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