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  1. read
  2. transitive verb

    • 1. (look through) 讀; 讀…的作品; 不經討論即認定某事

      to read sth. from sth. 讀某物上的某內容he used to read a passage from the Bible every evening 他過去常常每晚讀一段《聖經》to read sth. to oneself 默讀某物to read sth. silently 默讀某物to take sth. as read 假定大家都讀過並認可to take it as read (that) ... 直接認定…
    • 2. (understand meaning of) 看懂

      can you read music? 你識譜嗎?
    • 3. (give oral rendition of) 朗讀

      to read sth. aloud or out loud 朗讀某物to read sth. to sb., to read sb. sth. 讀某物給某人聽go on: read it to us 念吧,念給我們聽聽to read sth. for sb. 為某人讀某物
    • 4. (discover) 讀到

      to read sth. about sb./sth. 讀到有關某人/某事物的to read sth. in sth. 在…上讀到某事to read (that) ... 讀到…to read how ... 查閱到如何…
    • 5. (in telling future) 占卜觀察

      to read the stars 看星象to read sb.'s tea leaves 用某人喝剩的茶葉為其算命
    • 6. (guess at) 猜測

      to read sb.'s thoughts or mind 猜測某人的心思to read sb.'s mood 揣摩某人的脾氣
    • 7. (interpret) 解讀

      how do you read the situation? 你對目前的形勢怎麼看?to read the signs 識別徵兆this passage can be read in various ways 這段話可以有幾種理解to read sth. as sth. 將某事物理解為某事物don't read his comments as proof of his sincerity 別以為他的評論證明了他的誠意the book can be read as a satire 這本書可以說是一部諷刺作品
    • 8. (have as wording) 寫著

      the sign reads ‘no admittance’ 告示牌上寫著“禁止入內”
    • 9. (inspect and record) 讀取…的讀數

      I can't read what the pressure gauge says 我不會看壓力計上的讀數I've come to read the gas meter 我是來抄煤氣表的
    • 10. (show) 顯示

      the thermometer reads 20 degrees 溫度計上顯示20度
    • 11. (Comput) 讀

      we can read the data we need from the disk 我們可以從那張盤上讀取所需數據
    • 12. (Radio, Telecom) 收聽到

      to read sb. loud and clear 聽到某人的聲音了,響亮又清楚
    • 13. (Brit) (dated) (Univ) 學習

      he's decided to read law for his degree 他已決定攻讀法學學位
    • 14. (Publg) 替換為

      for ‘cat’ in line 12 read ‘cart’ 第12行中的cat應為cart

    intransitive verb

    • 1. (understand words) 識字

      the baby can read pretty well 這個孩子能識好多字了to read and write 看書寫字
    • 2. (go through written text) 閱讀

      to read silently, to read to oneself 默讀to read between the lines 領悟言外之意
    • 3. (say text out loud) 朗讀

      to read aloud 朗讀to read to sb. 讀給某人聽to read from sth. 朗讀某物上的內容to read to sb. from sth. 給某人讀某物上的內容to read for sb. 為某人朗讀
    • 4. (contain wording) 行文

      the text at this point reads thus/as follows ... 文章此處行文是這樣的/如下…
    • 5. (come across) 讀起來

      how do you think the essay reads? 你覺得這篇散文讀上去怎麼樣?to read well/badly/smoothly 讀起來很好/很糟/很通順to read like sth. 讀起來像某事物the poem reads like a translation 這首詩讀起來像是翻譯過來的

    n. noun

    • 1. (esp Brit) (act of reading) 閱讀

      I've got a new bestseller: do you want a read? 我有本新的暢銷書:你要看嗎?a long/quiet/little read 長時間/安靜/少量的閱讀I enjoy a good read when I'm on my own 我獨自一人時喜歡愜意地讀讀書to have a read of sth. 讀一讀
    • 2. (piece of writing) 讀物

      to be an easy/exciting read 讀來輕鬆/激動人心I always think he's a good read 我總覺得他的書很好看
  3. Variation

    • 動變: read,read,reading

    • 名複: reads

  4. Synonyms

    1. look at and comprehend the meaning of (written or printed matter) by interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed

    2. speak (the written or printed matter that one is reading) aloud

    3. understand or interpret the nature or significance of

    4. (of a measuring instrument) indicate a specified measurement or figure

    5. study (an academic subject) at a university

    • 看讀,閱讀


    • n. noun


      讀; 閱讀時間

    • U閱讀,讀書


    • transitive verb



    • transitive verb

      視唱; 視奏
    • intransitive verb

      視唱; 視奏
    • transitive verb

    • adj 形容詞



    • adj 形容詞

    • n. noun

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