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  1. tape-record

    • verb

      record (sounds) on magnetic tape:
    • noun

      used, especially in similes, to refer to a person's constant and annoying repetition of a particular statement or opinion:
    • noun

      fuller form of record
    • noun

      an apparatus for reproducing sound from phonograph records, comprising a turntable that spins the record at a constant speed and a stylus that slides along in the groove and picks up the sound, together with an amplifier and a loudspeaker.
    • noun

      a dossier kept by the police on all people convicted of crime.

      a personal history which includes some conviction for crime:

    • verb

      record (a number or amount) as being lower than it really is:

      record (data or information) insufficiently or inadequately:

    • noun

      a list of a person's previous criminal convictions:

      a history of being convicted for crime:

    • noun

      the best recorded performance in a particular athletics event at a particular track.

      the past achievements or performance of a person, organization, or product:

    • used in reference to the making of an official or public statement

      officially measured and noted

    • adjective

      surpassing a record or best-ever achievement:
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