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  1. record
  2. noun

    • 1. a thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form:

      you should keep a written record identification was made through dental records a record of meter readings there is no record of his having graduated
      Synonym : account(s), document(s), documentation, data, file(s), dossier(s), information, evidence, report(s), annal(s), archive(s), chronicle(s), note(s), minutes, transactions, proceedings, transcript(s), certificate(s), deed(s), instrument(s), diary, journal, memoir, register, log, logbook, yearbook, almanac, inventory, list, catalogue, case history, case study, casebook, procès-verbal, act(s), muniment(s)
    • 2. an official report of the proceedings and judgement in a court.

    • 3. a number of related items of information which are handled as a unit.

    • 4. the sum of the past achievements or performance of a person, organization, or thing:

      the safety record at the airport is first class the team preserved their unbeaten home record
      Synonym : previous conduct/performance, track record, previous achievements/accomplishments, career to date, history, past, life history, background, reputation, curriculum vitae
    • 5. short for criminal record

    • 6. the best performance or most remarkable event of its kind:

      he held the world record for over a decade record profits
      Synonym : best performance, highest achievement, star performance, best time, fastest time, furthest distance, personal best, world record
    • 7. a thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record player:

      I'm listening to records in my room
      Synonym : album, vinyl, tape, cassette, disc, compact disc, CD, recording, release, gramophone record, LP, long-player, single, forty-five, twelve-inch (single), EP (extended-play), seventy-eight, 78, black disc, phonograph record
    • 8. a piece or collection of music reproduced on a record or on another medium:

      my favourite record


    • 1. set down in writing or some other permanent form for later reference:

      they were asked to keep a diary and record everything they ate or drank
      Synonym : write down, set down, put in writing, put down, take down, note, make a note of, jot down, put down on paper, commit to paper, document, put on record, post, enter, minute, register, chronicle, file, put on file, chart, docket, log, inscribe, transcribe, list, catalogue, make an inventory of, diarize
    • 2. state or set down publicly or officially:

      the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death
    • 3. (of an instrument or observer) show or register (a measurement or result):

      the temperature was the lowest recorded since 1926
    • 4. achieve (a certain score or result):

      they recorded their first win of the season
      Synonym : achieve, accomplish, gain, earn, chalk up, notch up, turn in, clock up
    • 5. convert (sound or a performance) into a permanent form for subsequent reproduction or broadcast:

      they were recording a guitar recital I would go into the studio while the guys were recording
      Synonym : make a record/recording of, tape, tape-record, video-record, videotape, video, audiotape, telerecord, make, produce, cut, put on disc/tape, lay down, put on wax
    • 6. produce (a programme, or a piece or collection of music) by recording a performance:

      they go into the studio next week to record their debut album they recorded an episode of the show
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: record, plural noun: records

    • v.: verb: record, 3rd person present: records, gerund or present participle: recording, past tense: recorded, past participle: recorded