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  1. record
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (of facts, proceedings) 記錄; 記載

      to have a record of sth. 有某事物的記錄to make a record of sth. 記下某事物to keep a record of sth. 記下since records began 自從有文字記載以來official/parish records 官方/教區記錄public records 公共檔案medical/dental records 病歷/牙科病歷for the record 供記錄just for the record, did you really do it? 僅供記錄,你真的那麼幹了嗎?for the record, the statement is wrong 必須指出的是,該說法是錯的off the record 非正式的to say sth. off the record 私下說某事off the record, I think ... 隨便說說,我覺得…an off-the-record briefing 簡報會on record 在歷史記錄中the hottest summer on record 有歷史記載以來最熱的夏天to be on (the) record 被記錄在案to put or place sth. on (the) record 將某事物記錄在案I would like to place on record my sincere thanks 我要鄭重致謝to be/go on (the) record (as saying sth.) 公開表態(說某事物)he is on record as saying that the tax is unfair on the poor 他公開表示這項稅收對窮人不公平to put or set the record straight 澄清事實a matter of record 有案可查的事
    • 2. (of student, employee) 履歷; 歷史

      she had a good record at school 她學業成績很好sb.'s past record 某人的過去sb.'s record as sth. 某人從事某工作的履歷she has a distinguished record as a diplomat 作為外交官,她有著出色的履歷an academic record 學業成績a service/war/safety record 服役記錄/戰績/安全記錄a record for or of sth. 某事物的記錄the airline has a poor record for safety 這家航空公司飛行安全記錄很差a child with a poor record of school attendance 經常缺課的孩子he has an impressive record of achievement 他取得了令人矚目的成就sb.'s/sth.'s record on sth. 某人/某事物在某方面的記錄to have a good record on sth. 在…方面有良好記錄
    • 3. (disc) 唱片

      a pop/jazz record 流行樂/爵士樂唱片to make or cut or record a record 灌唱片to put on or play a record 放唱片change the record! 換個話題吧!
    • 4. (in sport) 最好成績; 最高紀錄

      an all-time record 歷史最佳紀錄the long-jump/100-metres record 跳遠/100米跑的紀錄a speed record 最高速度紀錄the record for sth. 某事的最佳紀錄what's the record for the 100 metres? 100米跑的最好成績是多少?to break/beat a record 打破/超越紀錄to set/hold a record 創造/保持紀錄record score/profits 創紀錄的得分/收益to reach/be at a record high/low 達到/處於最高/最低紀錄to do sth. in record time 在最短時間內做某事
    • 5. (of criminal) 前科

      to have a record 有前科to have no record or a clean record 沒有前科to have a record as long as sb.'s arm 有一長串前科記錄
    • 6. (Comput) 記錄

    transitive verb

    • 1. (keep account of) 記錄

      to record the minutes (of a meeting) 做會議記錄to record that ... 記下…his job is to record how politicians vote on major issues 他的工作是記錄政要們是如何就重大問題進行投票的to record the way in which ... 記錄…的方式
    • 2. (on tape, video, CD) 錄下; 為…錄製; 錄製

      to record sb./sth. on sth. 在某物上錄下某人/某事物the incident was recorded on video/on a mobile phone 這事件已用錄像/移動電話攝錄下來to record sth. from sth. 從某處錄下某事物to record sb./sth. doing sth. 錄下某人/某物做某事I recorded her playing the piano 我錄下了她的鋼琴演奏
    • 3. (register) 顯示

    • 4. (reveal) 流露出

    • 5. (state officially) 宣布

    intransitive verb

    • 1. (copy) 錄音; 錄像

    • 2. (be copied) 被錄製

      her voice records very well 她的聲音錄下來很好聽
    • 3. (tape, video) 錄製節目

      to record live 現場錄製節目
  3. Variation

    • 動變: recorded,recorded,recording

    • 名複: records

  4. Synonyms

    1. a thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form

    2. the sum of the past achievements or performance of a person, organization, or thing

    • previous conduct/performance, track record, previous achievements/accomplishments, career to date, history, past, life history, background, reputation, curriculum vitae

    3. the best performance or most remarkable event of its kind

    • best performance, highest achievement, star performance, best time, fastest time, furthest distance, personal best, world record

    4. a thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record player

    5. set down in writing or some other permanent form for later reference

    6. (of an instrument or observer) show or register (a measurement or result)

    7. achieve (a certain score or result)

    8. convert (sound or a performance) into a permanent form for subsequent reproduction or broadcast

    • make a record/recording of, tape, tape-record, video-record, videotape, video, audiotape, telerecord, make, produce, cut, put on disc/tape, lay down, put on wax
    • 記錄,履歷,檔案,訴狀,最高紀錄,報告,唱片記錄,記載,標明
    • n. noun



    • adj 形容詞



    • 記錄
    • 記錄的,記錄用的錄音
    • 記錄
    • 錄音鍵


    • 打破紀錄者


    • 考勤記錄


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