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  1. re·sound
  2. verb

    • 1. (of a sound, voice, etc.) fill a place with sound; be loud enough to echo:

      another scream resounded through the school
      Synonym : echo, re-echo, reverberate, ring out, fill the air, boom, peal, thunder, rumble
    • 2. (of a place) be filled or echo with a particular sound or sounds:

      the office resounds with the metronomic clicking of keyboards
    • 3. (of fame, a person's reputation, etc.) be much talked of:

      whatever they do in the Nineties will not resound in the way that their earlier achievements did
      Synonym : be acclaimed, be celebrated, be renowned, be famed, be noted, be glorified, be proclaimed, be trumpeted, be talked about, be on everyone's lips
    • 4. sing (the praises) of:

      Horace resounds the praises of Italy
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: resound, 3rd person present: resounds, gerund or present participle: resounding, past tense: resounded, past participle: resounded

    • verb

      (of a sound, voice, etc.) fill or echo throughout a place:

      (of a place) be filled or echo with a sound or sounds:

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