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  1. roll cast

    • noun

      a cast in which the angler does not throw the line backward.
    • noun

      a jelly roll.
    • verb

      create a striped or marbled effect on (a surface) by painting it with a rag crumpled up into a roll:
    • noun

      photographic film with a protective lightproof backing paper wound on to a spool.
    • noun

      an online video advertisement that plays before the start of a video that has been selected for viewing:
    • noun

      a roll of perforated paper that controls the movement of the keys in a player piano or similar instrument, so producing a particular melody.
    • noun

      a maneuver in which an aircraft makes a single quick revolution about its longitudinal axis while flying horizontally.
    • be received in large amounts
    • noun

      the unveiling of a new aircraft or spacecraft:

      the official launch or introduction of a new product or service:

    • noun

      a hand-rolled cigarette.

      an assembly or its turnout:

    • adjective

      denoting something which can be rolled up:

      denoting an investment fund in which returns are reinvested and tax liabilities can be reduced.

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