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  1. rouse
  2. verb

    • 1. bring out of sleep; awaken:

      she was roused from a deep sleep by a hand on her shoulder
      Synonym : wake, wake up, awaken, waken, arouse, call, get up, give someone a shout, knock up
    • 2. cease to sleep or to be inactive; wake up:

      she roused and looked around
      Synonym : wake up, wake, awaken, come to, get up, get out of bed, rise, bestir oneself, arise
    • 3. startle out of inactivity; cause to become active:

      once the enemy camp was roused, they would move on the castle she'd just stay a few more minutes, then rouse herself and go back
    • 4. startle (game) from a lair or cover.

    • 5. cause to feel angry or excited:

      the crowds were roused to fever pitch by the drama of the race
      Synonym : stir up, excite, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, inspire, move, fire up, fire the enthusiasm of, fire the imagination of, get going, whip up, inflame, agitate, goad, provoke, incite, egg on, spur on, light a fire under, inspirit, provoke, annoy, anger, make angry, infuriate, send into a rage, madden, incense, vex, irk, work up, exasperate, aggravate
    • 6. cause or give rise to (an emotion or feeling):

      his evasiveness roused my curiosity
      Synonym : arouse, awaken, give rise to, prompt, provoke, stimulate, pique, stir up, trigger, spark off, touch off, kindle, elicit, beget, enkindle
    • 7. stir (a liquid, especially beer while brewing):

      rouse the beer as the hops are introduced
    • 8. haul (something) vigorously in the specified direction:

      rouse the cable out
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: rouse, 3rd person present: rouses, gerund or present participle: rousing, past tense: roused, past participle: roused

    • verb

      cause to stop sleeping:

      cease to sleep or to be inactive; wake up:

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