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  1. satellite
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (celestial) 衛星

    • 2. (man-made) 人造衛星

      meteorological or weather satellite 氣象衛星to transmit by or via satellite 通過人造衛星傳輸satellite broadcasting/transmission 衛星廣播/播送
    • 3. (dependent country) 衛星國

      a satellite state 衛星國
    • 4. (community) 衛星城

      a satellite town 衛星城
  3. Variation

    • 名複: satellites

  4. Synonyms

    1. an artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or another planet in order to collect information or for communication
    • space station, space capsule, spacecraft, artificial satellite, communications satellite, weather satellite, television satellite, sputnik, COBE, IRAS, Comsat

    2. a celestial body orbiting the earth or another planet

    • moon, secondary planet

    3. a small country or state politically or economically dependent on another

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