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  1. score
  2. noun

    • 1. the number of points, goals, runs, etc. achieved in a game or by a team or an individual:

      the final score was 25–16 in favor of Washington
      Synonym : result, outcome, number of goals/runs/points, total, sum total, tally, count
    • 2. an act of gaining a point, goal, or run in a game.

    • 3. a rating or grade, such as a mark achieved in a test:

      an IQ score of 161
    • 4. the state of affairs; the real facts about the present situation:

      “Hey, what's the score here, what's goin' on?”
      Synonym : the situation, the position, the facts, the truth of the matter, the (true) state of affairs, the picture, the story, how things stand, the lie of the land, the state of play, the lay of the land, the setup, what's what
    • 5. an act of buying illegal drugs:

      she made her first score from a dealer in Times Square
    • 6. the proceeds of a crime:

      robbers usually case a score a few times before they go in
    • 7. a group or set of twenty or about twenty:

      a score of men lost their lives in the battle Doyle's success brought imitators by the score
    • 8. a large amount or number of something:

      he sent scores of enthusiastic letters to friends
      Synonym : a great many, a lot, a great/good deal, a large/great number/amount, great quantities, plenty, a host, hosts, a crowd, crowds, droves, a bevy, bevies, an army, armies, a horde, hordes, a flock, flocks, herds, a throng, throngs, legions, a multitude, multitudes, a swarm, swarms, copious, abundant, profuse, an abundance, a profusion, lots, umpteen, loads, masses, stacks, scads, heaps, piles, bags, tons, oodles, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, zillions, more … than one can shake a stick at, shedloads, a shedload, a slew, a bunch, gazillions, gobs, bazillions, a swag, a shitload, myriad, divers
    • 9. a written representation of a musical composition showing all the vocal and instrumental parts arranged one below the other.

    • 10. the music composed for a movie or play:

      a film score
    • 11. a notch or line cut or scratched into a surface:

      check the shaft for scratches and scores
    • 12. a running account kept by marks against a customer's name, typically in a tavern.


    • 1. gain (a point, goal, run, etc.) in a competitive game:

      Penn State scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter Martinez scored on Anderson's sacrifice fly
      Synonym : get, gain, chalk up, win, achieve, attain, make, record, notch up, bag, knock up, rack up
    • 2. decide on the score to be awarded to (a competitor):

      the judge must score each dog against this standard
    • 3. gain (a number of points) for a competitor; be worth:

      each correct answer scores ten points
    • 4. decide on the scores to be awarded in (a game or competition):

      the three judges each scored the bout 100–86 for the Panamanian
    • 5. record the score during a game; act as scorer:

      the important thing is to score neatly
      Synonym : keep (the) score, keep count, keep a record, keep a tally
    • 6. cause (a teammate) to score:

      McNab singled, scoring Reynolds and Diaz
    • 7. secure (a success or an advantage):

      the band scored a hit single
      Synonym : be successful, be a success, achieve success, win, triumph, make an impression, have an impact, go down well, get an enthusiastic reception, be a hit, be a winner, be a sellout, go down a storm
    • 8. buy or acquire (something, typically illegal drugs):

      Sally had scored some acid
    • 9. succeed in attracting a sexual partner for a casual encounter:

      he thought he could score with bimbos by telling crude jokes
    • 10. orchestrate or arrange (a piece of music), typically for a specified instrument or instruments:

      the Quartet Suite was scored for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and continuo
    • 11. compose the music for (a movie or play):

      he'd previously scored the first and fifth films
    • 12. cut or scratch a notch or line on (a surface):

      score the card until you cut through
      Synonym : scratch, cut, make a notch/notches in, make a groove/grooves in, notch, incise, scrape, nick, snick, chip, gouge, slit, gash, mark, crosshatch, carve, engrave, scotch
    • 13. record (a total owed) by making marks against a customer's name:

      a slate on which the old man scored up vast accounts
    • 14. examine (experimentally treated cells, bacterial colonies, etc.), making a record of the number showing a particular character:

      the aim should be to score between fifty and one hundred mitotic cells
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: score, plural noun: scores

    • v.: verb: score, 3rd person present: scores, gerund or present participle: scoring, past tense: scored, past participle: scored

    • noun

      the number of points, goals, runs, etc. achieved in a game or by a team or an individual:

      an act of gaining a goal or point in a game.

    • verb

      gain (a point, goal, run, etc.) in a competitive game:

      decide on the score to be awarded to (a competitor):

    • noun

      the tabulated results of a baseball game or other sporting event, with statistics given for each player's performance.
    • noun

      a score of a musical composition giving the parts for all performers on separate staves:
    • noun

      a musical score showing the voice parts in full, but with the accompaniment reduced or omitted.
    • noun

      a score in which the parts are condensed on to a small number of staves.
    • noun

      (in the US) an assessment of the economic and budgetary effects of proposed federal legislation, provided by the Congressional Budget Office:
    • noun

      a person's credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO).
    • keep a record of the score of a game as the game proceeds
    • noun

      a summary of the scoring in a game displayed in a horizontal table, especially an inning-by-inning record of the runs, hits, and errors in a baseball game.
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