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  1. show
  2. verb

    • 1. be, allow, or cause to be visible:

      wrinkles were starting to show on her face the muscles of her jaws showed white through the skin a white blouse will show the blood
      Synonym : be visible, be seen, be in view, manifest, appear, be revealed, be obvious
    • 2. offer, exhibit, or produce (something) for scrutiny or inspection:

      an alarm salesperson should show an ID card he wants to show you all his woodwork stuff
      Synonym : display, exhibit, put on show, put on display, put on view, expose to view, unveil, present, launch, introduce, air, demonstrate, set out, set forth, arrange, array, flaunt, parade, uncover, reveal
    • 3. put on display in an exhibition or competition:

      he ceased early in his career to show his work other artists who showed there included Robert Motherwell
      Synonym : display, exhibit, put on show, put on display, put on view, expose to view, unveil, present, launch, introduce, air, demonstrate, set out, set forth, arrange, array, flaunt, parade, uncover, reveal
    • 4. present (a movie or television program) on a screen for public viewing:

      ITV showed
    • 5. (of a movie) be presented on a screen for public viewing:

      a movie showing at the Venice Film Festival
    • 6. indicate (a particular time, measurement, etc.):

      a travel clock showing the time in different cities
    • 7. represent or depict in art:

      a postcard showing the Wicklow Mountains
    • 8. allow oneself to be seen; appear in public:

      he was amazed that she would have the gall to show herself
    • 9. arrive or turn up for an appointment or at a gathering:

      her date failed to show
    • 10. display or allow to be perceived (a quality, emotion, or characteristic):

      it was Frank's turn to show his frustration her students had shown great courage his sangfroid showed signs of cracking
      Synonym : manifest, make manifest, exhibit, reveal, convey, communicate, make known, indicate, express, proclaim, intimate, make plain, make obvious, signify, evince, evidence, disclose, betray, divulge, give away
    • 11. accord or treat someone with (a specified quality):

      he urged his soldiers to fight them and show no mercy he has learned to show women some respect
    • 12. (of an emotion) be noticeable:

      he tried not to let his relief show
    • 13. (of a woman) be visibly pregnant:

      Shirley was four months pregnant and just starting to show
    • 14. demonstrate or prove:

      experts say this shows the benefit of regular inspections the figures show that the underlying rate of inflation continues to fall
      Synonym : prove, demonstrate, confirm, show beyond doubt, manifest, produce/submit proof, produce/submit evidence, establish evidence, evince, witness to, give substance to, determine, demonstrate the truth of, convince someone, substantiate, corroborate, verify, establish, ratify, validate, authenticate, attest, certify, testify, document, bear out
    • 15. prove or demonstrate oneself to be:

      she showed herself to be a harsh critic he showed himself to be an old-fashioned Baptist separatist
    • 16. cause to understand or be capable of doing something by explanation or demonstration:

      he showed the boy how to operate the machine
      Synonym : demonstrate to, point out to, explain to, describe to, expound to, clarify, make clear, illustrate, explicate, expound, elucidate, teach, instruct someone in, give instructions in, give an idea of, tutor someone in, indoctrinate someone in
    • 17. conduct or lead:

      show them in, please
    • 18. finish third or in the first three in a race:

      Greenough was the only other rider clear in round one, but she failed to show for the tiebreaker


  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: show, plural noun: shows

    • v.: verb: show, 3rd person present: shows, gerund or present participle: showing, past tense: showed, past participle: shown

    • verb

      be, allow, or cause to be visible:

      offer, exhibit, or produce (something) for inspection:

    • noun

      a spectacle or display, typically an impressive one:

      a play or other stage performance, especially a musical.

    • past participle of show
    • past participle of show
    • noun

      a film or play intended to entertain by arousing feelings of horror or fear:

      a situation that is very unpleasant or difficult to deal with:

    • noun

      a touring show of performers, especially pop musicians:

      a touring political or promotional campaign:

    • noun

      an advertising poster, especially for a theater performance.

      a listing of events at a horse show:

    • noun

      a sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, traditionally offered as a public entertainment.

      an erotic or pornographic film or show viewed from a coin-operated booth.

    • noun

      a sideshow at a fair, featuring abnormally developed people or animals.

      an unusual or grotesque event viewed for pleasure, especially when in bad taste.

    • be conspicuous or clearly visible

      arrive or turn up for an appointment or gathering

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