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  1. so
  2. adverb

    • 1. to such a great extent:

      the words tumbled out so fast that I could barely hear them don't look so worried I'm not so foolish as to say that
    • 2. extremely; very much (used for emphasis):

      she looked so pretty I do love it so
    • 3. used to emphasize a clause or negative statement:

      that's so not fair you are so going to regret this
    • 4. used with a gesture to indicate size:

      the bird was about so long
    • 5. to the same extent (used in comparisons):

      he isn't so bad as you'd think without his parents’ support, he would not have done so well
    • 6. referring back to something previously mentioned.

    • 7. that is the case:

      if she notices, she never says so I hear that you're a writer—is that so? “Is it going to rain?” “I think so.”
    • 8. similarly; and also:

      times have changed and so have I
    • 9. expressing agreement:

      “It's cold in here.” “So it is.”
    • 10. used to emphatically contradict a negative statement:

      it is so!
    • 11. in the way described or demonstrated; thus:

      hold your arms so so it was that he was still a bachelor


    • 1. and for this reason; therefore:

      it was still painful so I went to see a specialist you know I'm telling the truth, so don't interrupt
    • 2. with the result that:

      it was overgrown with brambles, so that I had difficulty making any progress
    • 3. with the aim that; in order that:

      they whisper to each other so that no one else can hear
    • 4. and then; as the next step:

      and so to the finals
    • 5. introducing a question:

      so, what did you do today?
    • 6. introducing a question following on from what was said previously:

      so what did he do about it?
    • 7. why should that be considered significant?:

      so what if he failed? “Marv is wearing a suit.” “So?”
    • 8. introducing a statement which is followed by a defensive comment:

      so I like anchovies—what's wrong with that?
    • 9. introducing a concluding statement:

      so that's that
    • 10. in the same way; correspondingly:

      just as bad money drives out good, so does bad art drive out the good
    • combining form

      equivalent to -soever
    • noun

      alternate spelling of soh
    • abbreviation

    • adverb

      to such a great extent:

      extremely; very much (used for emphasis):

    • conjunction

      and for this reason; therefore:

      with the result that:

    • noun

      variant spelling of soh
    • combining form

      equivalent to -soever
    • abbreviation

    • adjective

      used to show that something or someone is commonly designated by the name or term specified:

      used to express one's view that a name or term is inappropriate:

    • noun

      the power or act of deciding or allowing something:

      a person's arbitrary or unauthorized assertion or instruction:

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