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  1. speed
  2. noun

    • 1. the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate:

      we turned onto the runway and began to gather speed an engine running at full speed the car has a top speed of 147 mph
      Synonym : rate, pace, tempo, momentum
    • 2. rapidity of movement or action:

      the accident was due to excessive speed
      Synonym : rapidity, swiftness, speediness, alacrity, quickness, fastness, celerity, velocity, dispatch, promptness, immediacy, expeditiousness, expedition, briskness, sharpness, haste, hurry, hurriedness, precipitateness, acceleration, lick, clip, fleetness, alacritousness
    • 3. the rate at which something happens or is done:

      they were bemused by the speed of events the course is delivered on CDROM so students can progress at their own speed
    • 4. each of the possible gear ratios of a bicycle or motor vehicle.

    • 5. the light-gathering power or f-number of a camera lens.

    • 6. the duration of a photographic exposure.

    • 7. the sensitivity of photographic film to light.

    • 8. an amphetamine drug, especially methamphetamine.

    • 9. success; prosperity:

      wish me good speed
    • 10. something that matches one's tastes or inclinations:

      oak tables and chairs are more his speed


  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: speed, plural noun: speeds

    • v.: verb: speed, 3rd person present: speeds, gerund or present participle: speeding, past tense: sped, past participle: sped

    • noun

      the rate at which someone or something moves or operates or is able to move or operate:

      rapidity of movement or action:

    • verb

      move quickly:

      (of a motorist or vehicle) travel at a speed that is greater than the legal limit:

    • adjective

      moving, operating, or happening very quickly:

      (of photographic film) needing little light or only short exposure.

    • noun

      a function on some telephones that allows numbers to be entered into a memory and dialed using fewer buttons.
    • verb

      dial (a telephone number) by using a speed dial function:
    • noun

      a motorist who enjoys driving fast.

      a player noted for speed, such as a very fast base runner or a fastball pitcher.

    • noun

      an area of road in which hidden police detect vehicles exceeding a speed limit, typically by radar.
    • noun

      the speed at which an aircraft lands:
    • adjective

      slower than expected.
    • noun

      a speed for a particular vehicle, ship, or aircraft, usually somewhat below maximum, that is comfortable and economical:
    • noun

      an increase in speed, especially in a person's or machine's rate of working.
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