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  1. stop
  2. verb

    • 1. (of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen:

      his laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun the rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared
      Synonym : come to an end, come to a stop, cease, end, finish, draw to a close, be over, conclude, terminate, come to a standstill, pause, break off, peter out, fade away
    • 2. cease to perform a specified action or have a specified experience:

      she stopped giggling he stopped work for tea
      Synonym : cease, discontinue, refrain from, desist from, forbear from, break off, call a halt to, call it a day, give up, abandon, abstain from, cut out, belay, quit, leave off, knock off, pack in, lay off, give over, jack in
    • 3. abandon a specified practice or habit:

      I've stopped eating meat
    • 4. stop moving or operating:

      he stopped to look at the view my watch has stopped
    • 5. (of a bus or train) call at a designated place to pick up or let off passengers:

      main-line trains stop at platform 7
    • 6. stay somewhere for a short time:

      you'll have to stop the night
    • 7. cause (an action, process, or event) to come to an end:

      this harassment has got to be stopped
      Synonym : put an end to, put a stop to, bring to an end, end, bring to a stop, halt, bring to a halt, finish, bring to a close, terminate, bring to a standstill, wind up, discontinue, cut short, interrupt, nip in the bud, immobilize, paralyze, deactivate, shut down
    • 8. prevent (an action or event) from happening:

      a security guard was killed trying to stop a raid
      Synonym : thwart, balk, foil, frustrate, stand in the way of, forestall, scotch, derail, put paid to, put the stopper on, put the kibosh on, do for, stymie, scupper
    • 9. prevent or dissuade (someone) from continuing in an activity or achieving an aim:

      a campaign is under way to stop the bombers
      Synonym : prevent, hinder, obstruct, impede, block, bar, preclude, dissuade from
    • 10. prevent (someone or something) from performing a specified action or undergoing a specified experience:

      you can't stop me from getting what I want
    • 11. cause or order to cease moving or operating:

      he stopped his car by the house police were given powers to stop and search suspects
      Synonym : pull up, draw up, come to a stop, come to a halt, come to rest, pull in, pull over, park, prop
    • 12. be hit by (a bullet).

    • 13. instruct a bank to withhold payment on (a check):

      he grew nervous about the deal and asked his bank manager to stop the check
    • 14. refuse to supply as usual; withhold or deduct:

      the union has threatened to stop the supply of minerals
      Synonym : withhold, suspend, keep back, hold back, refuse to pay, cut off, discontinue
    • 15. defeat (an opponent) by a knockout:

      he was stopped in the sixth by Tyson
    • 16. block or close up (a hole or leak):

      he tried to stop the hole with the heel of his boot the drain has been stopped up
      Synonym : block (up), plug, close (up), fill (up), seal, caulk, bung up, clog (up), jam (up), choke (up), occlude
    • 17. block the mouth of (a fox's earth) prior to a hunt.

    • 18. plug the upper end of (an organ pipe), giving a note an octave lower.

    • 19. obtain the required pitch from (the string of a violin or similar instrument) by pressing at the appropriate point with the finger.

    • 20. make (a rope) fast with a stopper.


    • 1. a cessation of movement or operation:

      all business came to a stop there were constant stops and changes of pace
      Synonym : halt, end, finish, close, standstill, cessation, conclusion, termination, stoppage, discontinuation, discontinuance, pause
    • 2. a break or halt during a journey:

      allow an hour or so for driving and as long as you like for stops the flight landed for a refueling stop
    • 3. a place designated for a bus or train to halt and pick up or drop off passengers:

      the bus was pulling up at her stop
      Synonym : bus stop, stopping place, halt, terminus, terminal, depot, station, fare stage, stage
    • 4. an object or part of a mechanism which is used to prevent something from moving:

      the shelves have special stops to prevent them from being pulled out too far
    • 5. a punctuation mark, especially a period.

      Synonym : point, punctuation mark, full stop, full point, period
    • 6. used in telegrams to indicate a period:

    • 7. a consonant produced with complete closure of the vocal tract:

      a bilabial stop stop consonants
    • 8. a high card that prevents the opponents from establishing a particular suit; a control:

      if West bids 3♥ now, this will show a heart stop
    • 9. a short length of cord used to secure something.

    • 10. a set of organ pipes of a particular tone and range of pitch.

    • 11. a knob, lever, or similar device in an organ or harpsichord which brings into play a set of pipes or strings of a particular tone and range of pitch.

    • 12. the effective diameter of a lens.

    • 13. a device for reducing the effective diameter of a lens.

    • 14. a unit of change of relative aperture or exposure (with a reduction of one stop equivalent to halving it).

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: stop, plural noun: stops

    • v.: verb: stop, 3rd person present: stops, gerund or present participle: stopping, past tense: stopped, past participle: stopped

    • verb

      (of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen:

      cease to perform a specified action or have a specified experience:

    • noun

      a cessation of movement or operation:

      a break or halt during a journey:

    • noun

      a filling for a tooth.
    • adjective

      very fast and with only brief pauses:
    • noun

      a small unimportant town on a railroad:

      a brief pause in a tour by a politician for an electioneering speech:

    • noun

      the playing of two notes at once on a violin or similar bowed instrument.
    • verb

      play two notes at once on a violin or similar bowed instrument.
    • noun

      a stop in the pits for servicing and refueling, especially during a race.

      a brief rest, especially during a journey.

    • noun

      a set of pipes of a similar tone in an organ.

      the handle of the mechanism that brings an organ stop into action.

    • adjective

      denoting or relating to an order to sell a security or commodity at a specified price in order to limit a loss.

      denoting or relating to a policy of forcibly retaining members of the armed forces on active duty beyond their original agreed period of enlistment.

    • noun

      another term for stopover
    • noun

      the knob controlling a stop on an organ or harpsichord.
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