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  1. tar·get
  2. noun


    • 1. select as an object of attention or attack:

      two men were targeted by the attackers
      Synonym : pick out, single out, select, choose, decide on, earmark, fix on, attack, aim at, fire at
    • 2. aim or direct (something):

      a significant nuclear capability targeted on the US
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: target, plural noun: targets

    • noun

      a person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack:

      a mark or point at which one fires or aims, especially a round or rectangular board marked with concentric circles used in archery or shooting.

    • verb

      select as an object of attention or attack:

      aim or direct (something):

    • noun

      a cell which bears receptors for a hormone, drug, or other signaling molecule, or is the focus of contact by a virus, phagocyte, nerve fiber, etc.

      an abnormal form of red blood cell which appears as a dark ring surrounding a dark central spot, typical of certain kinds of anemia.

    • noun

      the language into which a text, document, or speech is translated.

      a foreign language which a person intends to learn.

    • so as to miss or fail to achieve the thing aimed at
    • so as to hit or achieve the thing aimed at
    • noun

      a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack:
    • noun

      a specific organ on which a hormone, drug, or other substance acts.
    • noun

      a particular group at which a film, book, advertising campaign, etc., is aimed:
    • noun

      a particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed:
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