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  1. though
  2. conj. conjunction

    • 1. (despite the fact that) 儘管

      we enjoyed the trip (even) though it was very hot 儘管天氣很熱,這次旅行我們還是玩得很高興though she's clever or clever though she is, she's not what we're looking for 儘管她很聰明,她不是我們要找的人strange though it may sound ... 雖然聽起來有點怪…
    • 2. (modifying information) 可是

      I think she knows, though I can't be sure 我想她是知道的,不過我不能確定the house was small, though well-designed 那房子設計得很好,但有點小a foolish, though courageous act 勇敢然而愚蠢的行為

    adv 副詞

    • 1. 然而

      fortunately, though, they survived 然而幸運的是,他們幸免於難了in all, though, we had a good time 但總的來說,我們過得很愉快travelling abroad's expensive — it's worth it, though 出國旅遊很費錢──不過也值得
    • 雖然,盡管


    • 厚著臉皮抵賴
    • 盡管…有什?關系
    • 隆隆地駛過
    • 即使,盡管,縱然
    • 似乎…,好像…
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