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  1. trail·er
  2. noun

    • 1. an unpowered vehicle towed by another.

    • 2. the rear section of a tractor-trailer.

    • 3. an open cart:

      a farm trailer hauled by a tractor
    • 4. a platform for transporting a boat.

    • 5. an unpowered vehicle equipped for living in, typically used when traveling for recreation.

    • 6. a mobile home.

    • 7. an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance; a preview:

      terrific trailers for mediocre movies
    • 8. a thing that trails, especially a trailing plant.


    • 1. advertise (a movie or program) in advance by broadcasting excerpts or details:

      the series has already been heavily trailered
    • 2. transport (something) by trailer:

      the aircraft is easy to trailer and will fit into any garage
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: trailer, plural noun: trailers

    • v.: verb: trailer, 3rd person present: trailers, gerund or present participle: trailering, past tense: trailered, past participle: trailered

    • noun

      an unpowered vehicle towed by another.

      the rear section of an articulated lorry:

    • verb

      give advance publicity to (a film, broadcast, or proposal) by releasing extracts or selected details:

      transport (something) by trailer:

    • noun

      an area with special amenities where trailers are parked and used for recreation or as permanent homes.

      lacking refinement, taste, or quality; coarse:

    • noun

      a tractor-trailer.
    • noun

      poor lower-class white people typified as living in trailers:
    • noun

      a transport vehicle consisting of a semi-tractor and attached trailer.
    • noun

      a trailer having wheels at the back but supported at the front by a towing vehicle.

      an articulated lorry.

    • noun

      a caravan site.

      lacking refinement, taste, or quality; coarse:

    • noun

      an articulated truck.
    • noun

      an articulated lorry.
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