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  1. ditch
  2. noun

    • 1. a narrow channel dug in the ground, typically used for drainage alongside a road or the edge of a field.


    • 1. provide with ditches:

      he was praised for ditching the coastal areas
      Synonym : dig a ditch in, provide with ditches, trench, excavate, drain
    • 2. make or repair ditches:

      we ditched around our tents
    • 3. get rid of or give up:

      plans for the road were ditched following a public inquiry it crossed her mind to ditch her shoes and run
      Synonym : throw out, throw away, discard, get rid of, dispose of, do away with, shed, abandon, drop, shelve, scrap, jettison, throw on the scrapheap, dump, junk, scrub, axe, get shut of, chuck (away/out), pull the plug on, knock on the head, get shot of, trash
    • 4. end a relationship with (someone) peremptorily; abandon:

      she ditched her husband to marry the window cleaner
      Synonym : break up with, jilt, cast aside, throw over, finish with, leave, desert, abandon, turn one's back on, leave high and dry, leave in the lurch, dump, drop, chuck, run out on, walk out on, give someone the elbow, give someone the heave-ho, leave someone holding the baby, give someone the push, give someone the big E, bin off, forsake
    • 5. be truant from (school or another obligation):

      maybe she could ditch school and run away
    • 6. bring (an aircraft) down on water in an emergency:

      he was picked up by a frigate after ditching his plane in the Mediterranean
    • 7. (of an aircraft) make a forced landing on water:

      the aircraft was obliged to ditch in the sea off the North African coast
    • 8. derail (a train).

  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: ditch, 3rd person present: ditches, gerund or present participle: ditching, past tense: ditched, past participle: ditched

    • (of a train) become derailed
    • noun

      a narrow channel dug at the side of a road or field, to hold or carry away water:
    • verb

      provide with a ditch or ditches:

      make or repair ditches:

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