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  1. treat·ment
  2. noun

    • 1. the manner in which someone behaves toward or deals with someone or something:

      the directive required equal treatment for men and women
      Synonym : behavior toward, conduct toward, action toward, usage of, use of, handling of, management of, dealings with, reception
    • 2. medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury:

      I'm receiving treatment for an injured shoulder
      Synonym : therapy, surgery, medical care/attention, care, ministrations, nursing, therapeutics, (course of) medication, (course of) drugs, medicaments, cure, remedy
    • 3. a session of medical care or the administration of a dose of medicine:

      the patient was given repeated treatments as required
    • 4. the use of a chemical, physical, or biological agent to preserve or give particular properties to something:

      the treatment of hazardous waste is particularly expensive
    • 5. the presentation or discussion of a subject:

      analysis of the treatment of women in her painting
    • 6. used to indicate that something is done enthusiastically, vigorously, or to an extreme degree:

      I gave them the full treatment, and they were just falling over themselves
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: treatment, plural noun: treatments

    • noun

      the manner in which someone behaves towards or deals with someone or something:

      the presentation or discussion of a subject:

    • noun

      any treatment or medical procedure intended to increase the likelihood of a person successfully conceiving a child:
    • noun

      the use of lasers in cosmetic or medical care:
    • noun

      interior decoration for a window or window frame.
    • noun

      the further treatment of sewage effluent by biological methods following sedimentation:
    • noun

      the use of heat for therapeutic purposes in medicine, or to modify the properties of a material, especially in metallurgy.
    • noun

      cruel or inhumane treatment:
    • noun

      the use of hormones in medical treatment:
    • noun

      the use of medical techniques to improve the ability of a woman or couple to conceive children:
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