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  1. u·nit
  2. noun

    • 1. an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole:

      large areas of land made up of smaller units the sentence as a unit of grammar the family unit
    • 2. a self-contained section of accommodations in a larger building or group of buildings:

      one- and two-bedroom units
    • 3. a part of an institution such as a hospital having a special function:

      the intensive care unit
    • 4. a subdivision of a larger military grouping:

      he returned to Germany with his unit
    • 5. an amount of educational instruction, typically determined by the number of hours spent in class:

      students take three compulsory core units
    • 6. an item manufactured:

      unit cost
    • 7. a device that has a specified function, especially one forming part of a complex mechanism:

      the gearbox and transmission unit
    • 8. a piece of furniture or equipment for fitting with others like it or made of complementary parts:

      a sink unit
    • 9. a police car:

      he eased into his unit and flicked the siren on
    • 10. a quantity chosen as a standard in terms of which other quantities may be expressed:

      a unit of measurement fifty units of electricity
    • 11. the number one.

    • 12. the digit before the decimal point in decimal notation, representing an integer less than ten.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: unit, plural noun: units

    • noun

      an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole:

      a self-contained section in a building or group of buildings:

    • noun

      a cupboard or room in which items may be stored.

      a cupboard or chest designed to accommodate an electrical appliance.

    • noun

      one of a set of unrelated units of measurement, which are arbitrarily defined and from which other units are derived. For example, in the SI system the fundamental units are the meter, kilogram, and second.

      a thing that is or is perceived as being the smallest part into which a complex whole can be analyzed:

    • noun

      another term for strategic business unit

      a building (typically one of a number of similar buildings) or a self-contained section of a building intended for use as business premises:

    • noun

      (in the UK and some other countries) a collective investment fund that is priced, bought, and sold in units that represent a mixture of the securities underlying the fund.
    • noun

      a unit for measuring heat.
    • noun

      a measure of the relative pungency of a chili pepper against that of pure capsaicin, which scores 16 million Scoville units.
    • noun

      identification of and labeling of items for sale with the retail price per unit, permitting easier price comparisons among similar products in different sized containers.
    • noun

      a physical unit in the international SI system, which is based on the meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, and mole, together with a set of prefixes to indicate multiplication or division by a power of ten.
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