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  1. which
  2. pron.代名詞

    • 1. (what ones) 哪一些

      which (one) 哪一個I know which ones you'd like 我知道你想要哪一些which is the shortest route? 哪條路最近?which do you want, the red one or the blue one? 你想要哪一個,紅的還是藍的?which of you did this? 你們誰幹的?which is which? 哪個是哪個?
    • 2. (specifying preceding noun) …的那個

      the painting which hangs in the sitting room 掛在客廳裡的那幅畫the contract which he's spoken about or about which he's spoken 他談到的那份合同
    • 3. (adding to preceding clause) 這個

      ..., which reminds me ... 這使我想起…we'll be moving, before which we need to ... 我們要搬遷了,在這之前我們需要…his movie, which won several awards, is based on real life events 他的影片是根據真實事件拍攝的,獲過數個獎項he said he hadn't done it, which he can't prove 他說他沒幹那事,但他沒法證明


    • 1. (in questions) 哪個; 哪些

      which way is the wind blowing? 風是朝哪個方向颳的?which books? 哪些書?which one of the children? 哪個孩子?
    • 2. (in relative clauses) 那個

      in which case 在那種情況下he left, during which time no one spoke 他離開了,其間沒有一個人說話he failed to apologize, for which mistake he paid dearly 他沒有道歉,因為這個過失他付出了沉重的代價
    • 哪一個,哪一些 conj…的哪一個,哪一些
    • 四面八方


    • 哪一隻腳受傷
    • 你喜歡哪一個
    • 觀望形勢後決定
    • 你哪一隻手臂痛
    • 不知如何是好,不知如何擺脫困境
    • 去戲院是哪一個方向
    • 草動知風向.
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