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  1. work-shy

    • adjective

      (of a person) lazy and disinclined to work:
    • have a very beneficial effect on someone or something
    • (of an equation) be capable of being solved

      be calculated at

    • noun

      a camp at which community work is done, especially by young volunteers.

      another term for labour camp

    • adjective

      denoting an activity that serves mainly to keep someone busy and is of little value in itself:
    • noun

      make-work activity:
    • noun

      physical action that makes one warm through exertion:

      dangerous conflict.

    • noun

      a group within a workforce who normally work together.

      a group who share data via a local network.

    • noun

      the rate at which work is done:

      the amount of energy that is expended in sport or physical exercise:

    • noun

      work done by a group of people in collaboration:

      education, training, or therapy given in a group:

    • verb

      shape (metal) while it is cold:
    • noun

      the shaping of metal while it is cold.
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