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  1. work
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (activities, tasks) 工作; 勞動

      research work 研究工作the work of the Red Cross 紅十字會的工作work done by machines 機器幹的工作manual/intellectual work 手工/腦力勞動light/heavy work 輕/重活兒to go to or get to work 開始工作to go to or get (down) to or set to work on sth./doing sth. 著手某事/做某事to put sb. to work (on sth./doing sth.) 安排某人做(某)工作to make work for sb. 給某人找麻煩to put work into sth. 在某事物上花功夫the house needs a lot of work doing 這房子得好好收拾一番to be at work (on sth.) 忙著(做某事)secret forces were at work 秘密勢力在作祟work in hand 手頭的工作
    • 2. (employment) 職業

      full-time/part-time work 全職/兼職工作to be out of work 失業to stop work 收工work clothes 工作服
    • 3. (place of employment) 工作場所

      to go to/leave work 上班/下班to leave for work 去上班to be off work 沒上班to arrive at or get to work 到達工作場所don't ring me at work 我工作的時候別給我打電話I left my bag at work 我把包落在上班的地方了
    • 4. (materials, papers) 工作材料

      to take one's work into the garden 把活兒帶到花園裡做to bring work home from the office 把辦公室的事情帶回家做to take up/put down one's work 拿起/放下手頭的活計
    • 5. (achievements) 工作成果; 產品

      sb.'s life's work 某人一生的成果the work of craftsmen 手藝人做的活計is this all your own work? 這全是你一個人做的嗎?to mark students' work 給學生的作業打分
    • 6. (piece of art) 作品

      sb.'s latest/last/early work 某人的最新/最後/早期作品the works of Schubert 舒伯特的作品a work of genius/fiction 天才/虛構的作品a work of reference 參考書a new work on Elizabethan poetry 有關伊麗莎白時代詩歌的一部新作
    • 7. (what is done by sb.) 作為

      he will be remembered for his work 他將因其作為而名留青史I hope you're pleased with your work 我希望你對自己的所作所為感到滿意good work! 幹得漂亮!the work of sb. 某人的手筆
    • 8. (Phys) 功

    plural noun

    • 1. (esp Brit) (factory) 工廠

      works canteen 工廠食堂
    • 2. (building work) 工程

      public works 公共工程

    intransitive verb

    • 1. (engage in activity, occupation, task) 工作

      to work at the hospital 在醫院工作to work 8 hours a day 一天工作8小時to work full-time/part-time 做全職/兼職工作to work as sth. 在某崗位工作to work at or on sth. 致力於某事物he's working at his essay 他在忙著寫論文to work on one's lecture 準備講座police are working on the case 警方正在查辦這個案子to work on a problem 著手處理某問題to work for sb./a company 受僱於某人/某公司to work for a living 為謀生工作to work under/with sb. 在某人手下/和某人一起工作to work in publishing/TV 從事出版/電視工作to work on the principle that ... 根據…的原則行事to work to rule 按章工作
    • 2. (strive) 努力

      to work at or doing sth. 努力做某事to work against/for sth. 努力反對/爭取某事物to work against corruption 與腐敗作鬥爭to work on sb. 努力說服某人to work towards sth. 努力爭取
    • 3. (function) 運轉

      to work on electricity/gas 利用電力/燃氣運行the machine works by electricity 這臺機器是電動的the lift doesn't work 電梯壞了the bell isn't working properly 電鈴有故障my brain is not working 我的腦子不好使
    • 4. (act, operate) 起作用

      to work both ways 產生兩方面的作用to work in sb.'s favour or to sb.'s advantage 對某人有利to work against sb. or to sb.'s disadvantage 對某人不利it doesn't or things don't work like that 情況並不是那樣
    • 5. (be successful) 奏效

      these pills aren't working 這些藥片不管用the adaptation really works 改編得很成功to work on sb./sth. 對某人/某事物有效his charm doesn't work on me 他的魅力對我不起作用such arguments don't work on most people 這樣的論點不會打動大多數民眾
    • 6. (move) 逐漸移動

      vibration caused the safety valve to work loose 震動使安全閥鬆掉了
    • 7. (twitch) 抽搐

      his face worked with or in anger 他氣得面部抽搐

    transitive verb

    • 1. (drive) 使…工作

      to work sb. hard/to death 使某人勞累/累得要死
    • 2. (labour) 工作於; 在某地賣淫; 在某地行乞

      to work nights or the night shift 上夜班to work an area 在某地推銷I worked a few clubs 我在幾家俱樂部工作過to work one's way up 逐步升遷to work one's way through sth. 勤工儉學讀完to work one's way through a book/an exam 費力讀完書/考完試to work one's way through two hamburgers 吃掉兩隻漢堡包to work one's fingers to the bone 拼命幹
    • 3. (operate) 操作

      to work a lathe 操作車床the machine is worked by electricity 這臺機器是電動的
    • 4. (exploit, use) 開採

      to work the land 種地to work the system 利用體制牟利to work it or things 想辦法
    • 5. (bring about) 產生; 實現

      to work miracles 創造奇跡the landscape worked its magic on me 這景色令我著迷the changes wrought by sth. 由某事引起的變化
    • 6. (fashion) 加工

      to work clay/dough 製陶/揉麵團to work sth. into shape/a finished piece 把某物加工成型/加工成成品
    • 7. (rouse) 使…激動

      to work listeners into a patriotic fervour 激起聽眾的愛國熱情
    • 8. (sew) 縫製; 繡製; 編織

      to work a design/pattern on sth. 在某物上繡圖案/花樣
    • 9. (manoeuvre) 慢慢轉動

      to work a ring off one's finger 把戒指從手指上慢慢鬆脫下來to work a few jokes into one's speech 設法在講話中添加幾個笑話to work its way into the bloodstream/food chain 慢慢進入血液/食物鏈to work one's way along sth. 沿著…慢慢移動to work one's way through a crowd 慢慢擠過人群
    • 10. (move) 使…移動

      to work sth. up and down/from side to side 上下/來回扳動to work sth. clear 把…移開it worked its way loose 它鬆開了to work one's hands free 掙脫雙手
    • 11. (exercise) 鍛煉

  3. Variation

    • 動變: worked,worked,working

    • 名複: works

  4. Synonyms

    1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result

    2. work as a means of earning income; employment

    3. a task or tasks to be undertaken

    • tasks, jobs, duties, assignments, commissions, projects, chores

    4. a thing or things done or made; the result of an action

    5. a literary or musical composition or other piece of art

    6. the artistic production of a particular author, composer, or artist, regarded collectively

    7. a place or premises in which industrial or manufacturing processes are carried out

    8. the operative part of a clock or other machine

    9. everything needed, desired, or expected

    • everything, the full treatment, everything but the kitchen sink, the lot, the whole shooting match, the whole (kit and) caboodle, the whole shebang, the whole nine yards, the full monty, the whole ball of wax
  5. 反義字

    「1. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result」的反義字:

    「2. be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result; do work」的反義字:

    「3. (of a plan or method) have the desired result or effect」的反義字:

    • adj 形容詞

      有工作的; 從事體力勞動的


    • n. noun

      製作; 加工


    • plural noun


      工作區; 採石場

    • intransitive verb



    • transitive verb


      解決; 解開; 破譯

    • intransitive verb



    • transitive verb

      激起; 逐步增強


    • transitive verb



    • transitive verb

      把…安排進去; 把…穿插進去


    • 卑鄙勾當


    • 建築作業


    • intransitive verb

      不停工作; 勤奮工作
    • 建築物拆除作業
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