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  1. working
  2. adjective

    • 1. having paid employment:

      the size of the working population
      Synonym : employed, in work, in a job, waged, in gainful employment
    • 2. engaged in manual labour:

      the vote is no longer sufficient protection for the working man
    • 3. relating to, suitable for, or for the purpose of work:

      improvements in living and working conditions
    • 4. (of an animal) used in farming, hunting, or for guard duties; not kept as a pet or for show:

      the Norfolk Terrier was developed as a working dog on farms
    • 5. functioning or able to function:

      the mill still has a working waterwheel
      Synonym : functioning, operating, going, running, active, in working order, operational, functional, able to function, usable, serviceable, up and running
    • 6. (of parts of a machine) moving and causing a machine to operate:

      the working parts of a digital watch
    • 7. (of a theory, definition, or title) used as the basis for work or argument and likely to be developed or improved later:

      his working title for the book was
    • 8. sufficient to work with at a basic level:

      they have a working knowledge of contract law
      Synonym : sufficient, adequate, good enough, viable, useful, effective


    • 1. the action of doing work:

      working with animals teaches patience
    • 2. a scheduled duty or trip performed by a locomotive, train, bus, or other vehicle:

      locomotive 37418 is often seen on this working
    • 3. the way in which a machine, organization, or system operates:

      we will be less secretive about the workings of government
      Synonym : functioning, operation, running, action, performance, mechanism, machinery, working/moving parts, movement, action, works, innards, insides
    • 4. the record of the successive calculations made in solving a mathematical problem:

      show details of workings in your answer book
    • 5. a mine or a part of a mine from which minerals are being extracted:

      a modern mine on the site of old workings
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: working, plural noun: workings